Technical Support

Frequently Asked Questions

1. My GT will not turn off.
Flip switch on OBDII block to key, or check where the power wire is ran and make sure the fuse does not have constant power.

2. Vehicle will not start after install, what do I do?
Go to show settings, check STATUS/DOWNLOAD. If it says RECOVERY, go back to INSTALL DOWNLOAD to go through the RECOVERY MODE. This will load the factory file back on to the vehicle computer.

3. My vehicle application is not on the application list.
Your vehicle may not be one that we currently support. Check your application on our website.

4. What is code 335 on my GM gas vehicle?
This means that the tuner was unable to unlock the PCM. Make sure Key is all the way on/run, without starting the engine. Some special edition vehicles such as the Rocky Ridge vehicles will get this code. Our tuners are not compatible with some of these special edition trucks.

5. What is Engine warm up mode on my GT Diesel?
This is a feature that is enabled out of the box. The truck will run in the “NO POWER” mode until the engine coolant reaches the set temperature. The default temp is set at 172 degrees F. To change this temperature, or turn it off, go to the Main menu->Vehicle Setup->Set Defuel levels->Start up coolant temp. This can be lowered as low as 150 degrees F. It can also be turned off by pressing Defuel Off. To save changes just hit Go Back.

6. Why are my ABS and Brake lights on after disabling the traction control?
This is normal on the newer Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep vehicles. These vehicles were not designed for these systems to be turned off completely, so when we completely disable the traction control, these lights will be on as long as the traction control is completely off. Once the traction control is enabled and the key is cycled the lights will be off again.

7. What is VIN mismatch?
The VIN or part number that the tuner is currently locked to, does not match the one that it is reading off the PCM. Tuner could be locked to another vehicle. If this is the case, most of our tuners can be reset over the phone for a Fee. Also could be that the PCM in the vehicle may have been flashed after the tune was installed, Thus erasing the Bully Dog tune off the ECM.

8. How much does it cost to reset a locked tuner?
Current tuners like the GT’s are $250 to reset, older, discontinued tuners like the PMT, and power pups are $150 to reset.

9. What is code 424 on my Nissan/Infinity vehicle?
This is a security error. Mostly caused by low, and/or fluctuating voltage at the ECM. If this happens, disconnect tuner, and hook a Battery charger up to the vehicles battery with 10+amps and retry the download.

10. Why does my 2011-2015 Duramax not have an Extreme power level?
We have found with our testing that the power levels that we consider “EXTREME” (100+hp) cause the truck to regen too frequently, setting off trouble codes. We are continually trying different things trying to better our products, so there may be an EXTREME option in the future.

11. How can I change the speed displayed on the GT to match my GPS?
First you will need to figure out how far off the speed is in percentage. Once you know what percentage it is off by you can go to Main menu->Vehicle settings/Vehicle setup->Adjust speed display. Once there you can adjust the speed displayed on the Device up, or down by whatever percentage it is off. To save, press Go Back.

12. How do I correct the MPG reading on the GT so it reads correctly?
First you need to figure out what percentage the MPG reading is off by. Then on the tuner go to Man Menu->Vehicle set up/settings->Adjust economy display. Then increase the percentage if the GT is reading lower mileage than you are getting. Decrease the percentage (go negative) if the GT is showing higher mileage than you are getting.

13. How do I tell if my GT is Locked or not?
Go to Main menu->Show Settings, then next to “Download”, or “Status” it will say “Installed” if it is currently locked to a vehicle, or it will say “Not Installed” if it is not locked.

14. Why does my GT not power on any more?
Most of the time it is a bad connection, or a blown fuse. If you have a test light or a volt meter, test the 2 amp fuse on the OBDII adapter plug to make sure there is power there, If there is, contact Tech Support for further troubleshooting. If not unplug the power wire barrel connector from the OBDII adapter and test the inside of the barrel for power. If there is, then the OBDII adapter will need replaced (part number: 40400-105). If there is no power inside the barrel connector, check the wire, and the connection at the fuse box.

15. Why won’t my Power Pup turn on when plugged into my truck?
Check the Cigarette/Cigar lighter fuse. This is what powers the OBDII port on the vehicle.

16. How do I tell what software version my GT is on?
Go to Main menu->Show Settings, and it will be next to SV, SW, or Software depending on the version. Example:

17. What fuses do I have to pull on my 99-01 7.3L Powerstroke?
16, 19, 29. Once the download is complete, reinstall all fuses.

18. What fuses to I have to pull on my 02-03 7.3L Powerstroke?
19, 35, 41. Once the download is complete, reinstall all fuses.

19. What fuses do I have to pull on my 99-02 GMC/Chevy Gas vehicle?
In dash: SEO IGN, SEOACCY, RDO1, RAP2. Under the hood: TBC. Once the download is complete, reinstall all fuses.

20. What fuses do I have to pull on my 03-06 Chevy/GMC vehicle?
In dash: SEO ACCY, TBC 2A, TBC 2B, TBC 2C, TBC ACCY. Under the hood: TBC BATT, TBC IGN1, RADIO, INFO. Once the download is complete, reinstall all fuses.

21. What fuses do I have to pull on my 01-02 Duramax?
In the driver side dash: SEO IGN, RDO1, RAP2. Once the download is complete, reinstall all fuses.

22. What fuses do I have to pull in my 03-05 Duramax?
Under the hood: TBC BATT, TBC IGN1, RADIO, INFO. Once the download is complete, reinstall all fuses.

23. My Outlook monitor stopped working, can it be fixed?
Not any longer. We no longer have any replacements, or parts to fix these old monitors.

24. Will the Docking Station (part number: 40384) work with my PMT?
No. Only the older PCH pyro setup will work on the PMT.

25. Do I need to pull fuses on my truck?
Only if it is a 99-03 7.3L Powerstroke, 99-06 GM gas, or 01-05 Duramax. All others do not need any fuses pulled unless otherwise specified.

26. What is code 358?
Some GM trucks are susceptible to this code. Some vehicles are picky than others. This is an error code that means the high speed communication bus we program on is either noisy, or there is no communication between the ECM, and the tuner. To fix this, pull the required fuses for your GM vehicle. Also, any aftermarket electronic devices can impede the download and cause this error. Disconnect all aftermarket electronics if you are getting this code, Aftermarket stereos(disconnect and jumper harnesses from the factory harness), aftermarket trailer brake controllers, chargers plugged into the cig. Lighter outlets, Amplifiers, remote starts, alarms etc. Disconnect anything electronic that didn’t come stock on the vehicle. Low battery voltage is another thing that can cause this error. Make sure Battery voltage is at least 12.2 volts with the key in the run position. If it is not, connect a battery charger with 10+amps, or connect some jumper cables to a running vehicle.

27. Do you offer DELETE TUNING?
We DO NOT offer any delete tuning for any in the United States. We are 100% EPA compliant.

28. How do I find a Custom Tuning dealer near me?
Click here and enter your zip code.

29. How do I return my GT to stock?
To return your GT to stock, go to menu and scroll down to the uninstall GT/download or go to install download and hit return to stock when prompt.

30. How often should I update my device?
We recommend that you update the device every 6-8 months if it is a newer vehicle, as we come out with updates on these vehicles regularly. If an update is requited you will need to insure that the device is fully uninstalled from your vehicle.

31. How do I change power levels?
On a gas application or 2011+ Duramax diesel, go to install download and then hit modify settings or modify tuning when prompt. On diesel application, to change the power level, make sure the GT programming is installed, than hit the top right arrow to increase the power level and the bottom right arrow to decrease power level.

32. What is the power wire, where does it go and what does it do?
The power wire supplies key on/off power to the GT tuner. This will allow the device to power on and off with key cycles. Install the power wire into a 10 to 15 AMP key power fuse. Find this fuse by probing with a test light if it has power when the key is on and no power when they key is off this is an ok fuse to use. (You may notice a black ground wire in the power wire, this will not be used! The OBDII block will be your ground for the key on/off power.)

33. What is Code 550?
This means that the tune files have been selected and need to be downloaded from the Bully Dog server. You will need to go to a Windows computer and open the update agent. Once update agent is open, put the SD card into the SD card reader. You may then click on "start" to download tune (this is not update the device). Once files have been downloaded you may return to your vehicle and select install download in the menu. After the disclaimers you will select continue with selected tunes to select tune (A, b or C) you want installed.

34. What is the difference between the 40410 50-State and the 40417 Platinum GT?
Essentially the tunes between the two are identical, however, the 40410 has gone through extensive C.A.R.B testing to be allowed for use in California. The 40410 DOES NOT allow for Custom Tuning feature, where the 40417 DOES if the selected vehicle application allows for such. Also, the 40417 supports the Toyota application where the 40410 does not.

35. How do I disable my antivirus program?
To disable, right click on the triangle and the bottom right corner of your desktop, and select temporarily disable protection. If this is not an available option, you may need to contact the manufacturer of your antivirus program.

Contact Technical Support:

Call 940-783-9915 or 866-285-5936 from M-F 7am to 6pm MST for technical support.