Reset Fee Information

Bully Dog has implemented a reset fee for all GT Tuners. A reset is simply resetting the tuner to its original state when the tune cannot be uninstalled from the tuned vehicle. This will allow users to switch their Tuner to different vehicles. Reset fees are set to the following.

Part #   Description   Pricing
40410-30   Reset for 40410 Unit   $250.00
40415-30   Reset for 40415 Unit   $250.00
40420-30   Reset for 40420 Unit   $250.00
40425-30   Reset for 40425 Unit   $250.00
40430-30   Reset for 40430 Unit   $250.00
40440-30   Reset for 40440 Unit   $250.00
40450-30   Reset for 40450 Unit   $250.00
Gas Power Pup   Reset on any Gas Power Pup   $150.00
Diesel TD/PP   Reset on any Diesel TD or Pup   $150.00
PMT   Reset for PMT Unit   $150.00

When and why should I UNINSTALL my own GT Tuner to avoid paying the Reset Fee?

Customers should always uninstall their Bully Dog GT before sending their vehicle to their dealership or before working on their engine. The reason for this is because if there are any changes made to the vehicle, the communication between the GT and the vehicles ECM will change and could cause significant damage to the ECM.

How do I uninstall my Bully Dog GT?

IMPORTANT: All gas vehicle owners should pull the fuses recommended in the install manual online before installing or uninstalling their tuner.

To uninstall your Bully Dog GT, simply navigate to the Menu, select uninstall and let your Tuner finish the process of resetting. After this is finished, navigate to “Show Settings” on the menu and read the status. Depending on your tuner, it should say, “Download To”, or “Uninstalled”. If it says, “Downloaded” or “Installed” after you have gone through the uninstall process, call tech support for more information. If the Bully Dog GT freezes in the uninstall process, stops loading or displays an error code, customers should always call in to Bully Dog technical support before taking any additional steps in the uninstall process.