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2014-07-12 - Pulling in Shoshone

Pulling in Shoshone
Shoshone, ID- The first thing to note about this last weekend's pull was the heat. Sun rays torched through the skies and pooled in the cab of the truck, glinting off the steering wheel and soaking into the racing suit. Nick was sweating even before attaching to the sled. The ice was melting as the coolers became more like oven tops and the weight boxes for the water to air intercooler systems seemed to slouch down on the front. Still, it didn't discourage the whole town of Shoshone from attending and the roar of the crowd set up the 4th stop of the year for United Truck and Tractors "Edge Pulling Series".

Trevor Larking of Wild Diesel, who drove "Up in Smoke" made an awesome pull which was his personal best of the year. Bob Millican, driving "The Misfit" pulled beyond Trevor by barely two feet capturing first place for the moment; and then it was Nicks turn.

Hook up the sled, pull the chain tight and then run through the check list: 4-wheel drive, locker, fans, water, gear, Go Pro. Pull into starting position.

In Nick's own words, the pull went like this-

"Green flag goes up and I start to rev it up, I get to my RPM and slip the clutch till I hook and the truck runs wild right out of the gate as I Peg 5000RPM. I pull out of the throttle just slightly then get back into it and the truck hooks hard and stays right at 4800RPM in the sweet spot so I know now all I need to do it make it through the gate on the other side of the track. I fly through it at 20+ MPH and the sled stops me and I have a couple of guys cheering me on. As the truck stops I ask how did I do and they yell back, "4 Ft; you took 1st place by 4 ft!"

3rd win in a row and the best track Nick has pulled this year. The hype is building to a crescendo as Nick Adamson continues to add to the most dominant year in the books. It is a tight knit group of competitors that claim the top tier in these pulling competitions but even so, Nick has earned his ticket to the top. With "Oh-Mega" running stronger than ever, this is our time to shine. Bully Dog takes first!

2014-06-28 - Pacific Coast Diesel Nationals

Pacific Coast Diesel Nationals
Woodburn, OR- Jarid "Ironman" Vollmer has continued to produce results of epic proportions as we roll through the NHRDA season. Reporting win after win, he was prepared to face the best as the team headed for staging in Woodburn Oregon for the Pacific Coast Diesel Nationals. It was almost time to "drop the hammer".

To describe what followed may be easiest to report by simply showing the stats, so here they are:

Pro Street #1 Top Speed: Jarid Vollmer, at 157.72mph.
Pro Street Low ET: Jarid Vollmer, at 8.86
Pro Street #1 Qualify: Jarid Vollmer at 157.72mph, in 8.86 seconds.
Pro Street Winner: Jarid Vollmer at 151.31mph, in 9.16 seconds.

In short, it was domination from start to finish. So going forward, Ironman will look to lock down the competition completely. With an already firm lead in the points column, Ironman is already thinking ahead to the World Finals. Stay tuned to keep up with an already amazing season for Bully Dog in the NHRDA.

2014-06-28 - Adamson and "Oh Mega" Home Run Pull

Adamson and
Spanish Fork, UT- It was 2:30 when Nick Adamson rolled into his next United Truck and Tractor Pullers event. At 7800lbs, his truck dubbed "Oh Mega" weighed in perfectly for his 3.0 Diesel pulling class. It was time to "ice up son!" since much would be required from his cooling systems.

4-wheel drive- check, water switch on- check, fan switch on- check, shifter in gear- check; it was time for "Oh Mega" to clock in. The engine wound up, revving precisely in time as the green flag arched in the sky and Adamson pulled into the sled harder and faster than ever before this season. Not only did "Oh Mega" churn all the way down the track, but kept moving through the gates right for the barn still clocked at 20+ mph at full rev with an 80,000lb load. Fortunately Bully Dog won't be buying any new barns, and we easily secured 1st place at 265.32ft.

Spectators, family and even the competitors grouped around Nick to congratulate his phenomenal run. As for Nick, he couldn't wipe the smile off his face. So once more, Bully Dog takes the win, and steals the show.

Travis Ware, our puller in training was also there to compete in the stock gas class. When he drew a 2 from the playing cards to determine order, he was able to go first in his class.

On his second pull of the day, he went 311.25ft, and later they determined that he was hooked incorrectly to the sled. That would have put him first but since that particular run was disqualified, he took another couple runs and secured 3rd place in his class.

With a solid placement and a 1st place podium finish, the pull team is ramping it up this year so look for more great things on the horizon.

2014-06-18 - Indiana Diesel Shootout

Indiana Diesel Shootout
Indiana, IN- As luck would have it; Bully Dog took the first place spot on one of the unluckiest days of the year. Friday the 13th, has long been known as the most unfortunate day on the Gregorian calendar, if you believe in that superstitious sort of thing. Now of course, some may say that since we took the win, it counts as evidence that Friday the 13th has no unfortunate undertones; still, as Bully Dog arrived in Indiana, the race team witnessed one of the most unbelievable races of the season.

Even as the racing staging area began to fill up and trucks began blazing down the track, the event took a peculiar outlook. Never before has the Bully Dog race team reported so many breakdowns. The most unbelievable spectacle happened when Pro Stock competitor Ryan "The Hard Way" Miliken lost control and smashed sideways into the wall during qualifiers, and throughout the event, racers were breaking down not even a quarter of the way down the track! As the day wore on, it appeared that there were more broken trucks than competitors. After posting his own impressive 8.88 1/4 mile time, Ironman saw his Pro Street competition eliminated after breaking down in staging, and when Ironman took his exhibition victory lap, his own truck broke before making it to the end. Unlucky? Well, it was at the very least, a bittersweet win.

2014-06-14 - Nick Adamson Dominates United Pullers

Nick Adamson Dominates United Pullers
Morgan, UT- United Pullers has been Nick Adamson's opportunity to make his mark in pulling competition. After a bit of a slow start and mechanical issues plaguing his first event, Adamson has proved this weekend that he can pull Bully Dog into the winning circle!

The event was wildly popular with a record crowd yelling their approval from the stands. It was time to make some noise!

Nick was full of confidence as his truck checked out mechanically, and as he hooked up to the pulling sled, was ready to bring it in his 3.0 class. Adamson had a 215.56' pull with a speed of 19.5 mph. No other competitor in his class would beat that mark for the rest of the day. So in only his second pull ever, Adamson is proving to be a bit of a natural. The win is in the bag, and Adamson is looking forward to the next chance to make his mark.

2014-05-30 - Diesels on the Mountain

Diesels on the Mountain
Denver, Co- This weekend was another amazing chance for Bully Dog to face stiff competition in the NHRDA circuit. Leading the race team with his consistently dominant performance, Jarid "Ironman" Vollmer took no chances as he secured the number one qualifier in his Pro Street class.

Driving as though he still has something to prove, he exploded down the track for an 8.89 quarter mile time and set a new MPH record at 159mph! This broke the last record of 157mph, also set by Ironman in the previous year. Ironman easily secured first place, bringing home the first place trophy and extending his points lead once again!

2013-08-01 - George's Streak Continues

George's Streak Continues
Tremonton, UT - Bully Dog once more took to the track this past weekend, lining up to pull at the United Pullers event in Tremonton, Utah. Both the "Doctor" EcoBoost and "Blackout" Cummins were on-site and ready to hook up to the sled. Doctor driver Austin George has pulled at many events this year, including our own Dog Days of Summer and has established an extremely daunting record: he's undefeated, taking first at every event he has entered this year.

As he hooked Doctor up to the sled, George was prepared to defend his perfect record, and many were asking the same question: could he do it again? An amazing 325' 10" pull gave them their answer, easily and decisively putting him in first place! Bully Dog is extremely proud of George and Doctor's accomplishments thus far, and we remain confident that George will continue to make a strong showing in the remaining pulls of the season. Go for it Austin, we're pulling for you as you pull for us!

Chris Kendall was extremely motivated to put on a show with Blackout, especially after witnessing Doctor dominate the stock class. Ready to put Blackout to the test, Kendall was undaunted by the impressive competition lining up against him. Blackout had proved itself before and it did yet again, launching powerfully and blending a perfect mix of torque and speed to take the sled to final distance of 312', the best of the night by six feet. The trip back home was a blast for both drivers; it's easy to ride high with a pair of wins that decisive.

2013-07-05 - Boosting into First

Boosting into First
Big Piney, WY - The Bully Dog pulling team headed for Big Piney, Wyoming last weekend to show what our "Blackout" Cummins and "Doctor" Ecoboost could do even in the blistering heat. Excited to try his luck with the oft-winning Doctor, new driver Travis Ware took up his position at the starting line and waited for the flag that would start his Stock Gas pull. Charging down the track, Doctor pulled a whopping 267 feet 9 inches, securing first place by over three feet. As well as the Doctor ran, Ware was so excited that he was already changing the tires in the pit when they announced his win. Our congratulations to Ware, who secured yet another win for Bully Dog!

Chris Kendall also took to the track with Blackout, who has proven a strong competitor at several events throughout the season. Kendall was just as excited to take to the starting line and backup the reputation that Blackout has as a strong competitor. His distance secured a second place finish, which Kendall was disappointed with, but we know what the combination of Kendall and his Cummins are capable of. It's only a matter of time before he starts bringing in the wins.

2013-07-03 - Woodburn Sizzler

Woodburn Sizzler
Woodburn, OR - Bully Dog got to enjoy some well-earned coastal sun as our race team headed to Woodburn, Oregon for the NHRDA Pacific Coast Diesel Nationals.

Jarid "Ironman" Vollmer was happy with how his truck was running so it was no surprise to see him entering two classes last weekend: Pro-Street AND Pro-Stock! Ironman usually runs Pro-Street, and his qualifying time there proved that he can still dominate that class; he delivered an imposing qualifying time of 9.041 seconds at 157 miles per hour. This gave him a bye in the first round and hyped up the crowd as he took on Rick Fletes in the finals. An unfortunate reaction time undercut his time, which was a very respectable 9.022 at 156 miles per hour and left him to take second place overall.

Pro Stock trucks are generally lighter and faster than Pro Street trucks like Vollmer's. While it remains true that Vollmer was heavier than the trucks he squared off against in Pro Stock, the numbers show who was quicker. With another impressive qualifying time of 9.042 at 156 miles per hour, he was ready to face off against the Pro Stock competition. Vollmer delivered, punching in a time of 9.93 at 138 miles per hour, knocking out Rob Coddens and his Mad Maxx El Camino by over a full second! Ironman continues to lead the NHRDA pack and can't wait for the next event.

Nick Adamson reported back to the office after the weekend feeling great about his performance in Woodburn. As our followers are aware, Adamson has been dominating the NHRDA Super Diesel class and has repeatedly delivered rock solid times this season. In Woodburn, ever-consistant Adamson delivered a first-place performance. His winning time of 12.095 at 103 miles per hour beat out competitor Allen Crift, and his reaction times of .056 clinched the win. Adamson returned home determined to continue his string of top tier performances in Edmonton, Alberta on August 10th.

2013-06-26 - Vollmer Wins Again!

Vollmer Wins Again!
Muncie, IN - Team Bully Dog headed east to Muncie, Indiana last weekend to measure themselves against the competition at the annual NADM Thunder in Muncie. They measured up pretty well! The track threw all of the drivers a bit, and the muggy conditions and altitude density took some getting used to (and changed the way the Idaho-based Bully Dog trucks ran).

Jarid Vollmer closed out his qualifying round with a 9.6 second quarter mile, not his best but still perfectly respectable. After a break in the action, Vollmer set his eye on the prize and stomped the pedal to the floor. As clouds of diesel smoke were swallowed up by the night sky, Ironman powered his way into the lead, posting a 9.81 second run at 126 mph.

Bully Dog is proud of how all of our racers perform on and off the track, and this is no exception. Jarid holds himself to an extremely high standard even though his performance netted the Ironman another win, he still sees room for improvement. The next stop? The NHRDA Pacific Coast Diesel Nationals, and yet another chance to prove that he and his 5.9L have what it takes.

Nick Adamson is proving repeatedly that he is one of the best, and this last weekend was no exception. Driving in the NADM Quick Diesel class, he ran a spot-on qualifying time of 12.07 against a 12.00 index. As the event progressed, he proved his talent over and over again. With reaction times consistently under .14 seconds and 60 foot times all sub-1.7, Adamson was a machine.

Sniffing out the lead for Bully Dog, Adamson was a little too eager and broke out at 11.905 during eliminations, removing him before the finals and netting a third-place finish.

Chris Kendall also pulled into the pits in Muncie. His "Blackout" Cummins was prepped and ready to pull. Kendall waited his turn, spooled up, powered down the track and ground to a stop at 285.2 feet. Not quite able to get under his turbo, Kendall pulled up too short for a top spot. More ready than ever to prove what Blackout can really do, Kendall is headed Big Piney next weekend, so keep your ear to the ground!

2013-06-19 - EcoBoost Excels in Morgan!

EcoBoost Excels in Morgan!
Morgan, UT - The Bully Dog pulling team featuring the "Doctor" EcoBoost and "Blackout" Cummins was ready to dominate the Morgan, Utah pulling event this last weekend, after a pair of decisive wins in Elko, Nevada the previous weekend. The fans filled the stands, anticipating the spectacle as driver Chris Kendall and Blackout growled their way through the clay to hook up.

A blast of diesel soot shot skyward as Blackout dropped the hammer, churning and burning down the track with the whine of the engine cranking up the crowd. Despite a good start, Kendall pulled up just short at 203 feet 3 inches, less than three feet short of the night's best pull. Gaining more momentum than ever as the season progresses, Kendall is hitting his stride and looking forward to next weekend and another chance to prove Blackout against all comers!

The Doctor also put on an impressive display in Morgan, even with much stiffer competition this weekend and top distances being separated by mere inches. As the flag dropped, Doctor and its driver Austin George leaned into the harness and lugged their load a respectable 180 feet 6 inches. While not as mind-blowing as George's 259 foot 11 inch pull in Elko, the distance clinched his win. Doctor is quickly proving to be a strong presence in the Gas Stock class and George looks forward to logging more wins and longer pulls in the near future!

Our thanks go out to our sponsors; we couldn't pull without you! Chris would like to thank Diesel Pros, Fluidampr, Red Line Synthetic Oil, Mountain High Performance, Dynamite Diesel, High Tech Turbo, South Bend Clutch, KMC Wheels, PPE, ARB Lockers, Addicted Performance Diesel and Outlaw Diesel Performance.

Austin would like to thank Wheel Pros and Country Health Store.

2013-06-11 - A New World Record!

A New World Record!
Indianapolis, IN - Plunging headlong into the second half of the NHRDA season, Team Bully Dog is delivering better than ever before. The national points race is looking great, with Super Diesel driver Nick Adamson now at the head of his class and Jarid Vollmer putting even more distance between himself and his closest Pro Street contenders

Despite their success, Vollmer and the rest of the team were nervous as they headed to Indianapolis for the Indiana Diesel Shootout. With transmission issues on the Pro Street truck still looming large, race day success was by no means a sure thing. Yet as he has a habit of doing, Vollmer managed to get everyone a little excited on race day.

In his very first qualifying race, Vollmer blew the doors off the previous NHRDA Pro Street World Record, delivering a quarter mile time of 8.81 seconds at 157 mph, a full four tenths less (and 3mph faster) than Seth Sullivan's previous record of 9.11 seconds at 154 mph! The calls for Vollmer to "back it up" soon started.

Since the NHRDA requires that record runs be followed by a second run with a time within 10% of the first, his new personal best was by no means an official record just yet. And so just a short time later, Vollmer delivered again, backing up his 8.81 run with an even more astounding time of 8.70, crossing the finish line at 159 mph. With that, Vollmer simultaneously delivered another personal best and solidified his 8.81 second run as the new official NHRDA Pro Street World Record.

All this was achieved using a single-turbo Common Rail Cummins® with a stock ECM and Jarid's own powerful Bully Dog tuning.

Despite his new record, Vollmer's day wasn't all success. During the third round the beams were fouled at the starting line, and the time slips for that race were inaccurate. While he did cross the finish line first, Vollmer was ready to concede the win to Stuckey Racing because he might have left the line early. Showing their class, the Stuckey crew insisted that he move ahead. Vollmer finished his day racing against Phil Taylor, taking home second place and adding another 70 points to his season, for a total of 270. Second place AND a new World Record? We can hang our hat on that!

Driver Nick Adamson is also becoming a consistent performer in the Super Diesel class. In his first qualifying race, he recorded an 11.91 with a .045 reaction time, netting him the best time in his class and a bye in the first round of eliminations. Nick took charge of the next few rounds, but in the fifth round a slower than normal reaction time forced him to play catch-up, which he wasn't quite able to do. Ending his day in sixth place, Adamson is happy with his performance, which added 60 points to his season. This puts him solidly at the head of the national standings with 260 points, a lead he is looking to increase at the very next event.

2013-06-06 - Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished
Mission, BC - Our third NHRDA event of the season, BD Truckin' Nationals, brought us to Mission, British Columbia where both Bully Dog drag racers brought their A-games. A cloudless sky and moderate temperatures kept it comfortable for the racers in their trucks and the fans cheering them on.

Despite the exceptional setup, many of Bully Dog's opponents were plagued by vehicle breakdowns. Cleaning crews were kept busy cleaning up oil spills and two drivers facing off against Bully Dog's Jarid Vollmer had to pull out of the Pro Street competition due to engine problems. Meanwhile, the pair of Bully Dog Dodges ran as smooth as silk.

Bully Dog driver Nick Adamson recorded a perfect day, qualifying with an excellent 12.113 second quarter mile in his Super Diesel class. His truck lined up perfectly, responding well and helping him earn a 60 foot time of 1.6 seconds and a quarter mile of 12.004 to beat out his closest opponent Ryan Dubois, who ran the quarter mile in 12.50 seconds. Nick delivered a commanding win for Bully Dog this weekend, and hopes to deliver another stellar performance at the next event.

Driver Jarid Vollmer dominated the Pro Street class. With his qualifying time of 9.68 well short of his 9.35 personal best, he admitted that he expects more out of himself and his Cummins, but his performance was still good enough for 1st place. In the final race of the weekend, his time of 10.2 seconds was enough to beat Donovan Harris of Harris Diesel Racing. This win gave Jarid an even more commanding lead in the season points race.

2013-05-22 - Kendall shows promise

Kendall shows promise
Redding, CA - Round two of the NHRDA season found team Bully Dog soaking up the sun in Redding, California, where the only thing interfering with their tans was the smoke of racing diesels belching their challenges into the sky.

The NHRDA has added Tractor Pulls to their event lineup this year, and we're thrilled, because we LOVE pulling! Bully Dog driver Chris Kendall was the first to pull in the event, and pulled out to 267 feet. Because Chris was the first to pull, he was also allowed to pull again at the end. Unfortunately, during his second try, he bogged out around 100 feet. Since they used his second pull, Chris came in last, but Bully Dog is anticipating a strong come back in the next event.

With a promising season just beginning, you can expect a lot more from this team, starting with BD Truckin' Nationals on June 2nd in Mission, BC!

2013-05-22 - Drivers Deliver in Redding

Drivers Deliver in Redding
Redding, CA - Round two of the NHRDA season found team Bully Dog soaking up the sun in Redding, California, where the only thing interfering with their tans was the smoke of racing diesels belching their challenges into the sky. The track itself was the one hitch, where a timing malfunction caused racers to rely on a camera-based finish line system.

Driver Jarid Vollmer went up against Pat Liskey and his "Big Twin" Cummins in the first round. After a strong start for both, he bested Liskey after the Big Twin truck died on the track.

Round two saw Vollmer pitted against "Idaho" Rob Coddens' better half Andrea, the new driver of his "Max'd Out" Duramax. Vollmer was edged out by Coddens in a literal photo finish. NHRDA officials were forced to make a tough call when the camera stills from the finish line came back somewhat inconclusive. One frame showed Coddens approaching the finish line, and the very next frame showing both Coddens and Vollmer over the line, with Vollmer well ahead. It was a hard call to make, and we fully support the NHRDA officials' decision. Adding 50 points to his season, Vollmer leads the national standings with 130 points and enjoys a sizable lead over Coddens, who is now second in the national points race with 80 points.

Vollmer was not the only highlight of the night. Driver Nick Adamson put in some good times and secured sixth place. In the qualifying rounds, he ran a consistently close to the ideal 11.90 time. But his tires caught a little too well in the last round and he broke out at 11.81 and was eliminated.

2013-04-19 - Vollmer Begins His Streak at NHRDA Texas Diesel Nationals

Vollmer Begins His Streak at NHRDA Texas Diesel Nationals
Ennis, Texas- Bully Dog racer Jarid Vollmer had a great season in 2012. No matter where the event was, the smart money was that the "Ironman" and his team would be there, putting down crazy numbers with the fully custom Bully Dog 5.9L Cummins. The efforts paid off, netting him the 2012 Pro Street National Championship.

How to follow up such a gangbuster season? With even MORE winning, of course! And Vollmer is off to a great start. Last weekend saw Vollmer and the rest of the Bully Dog race team converge on Ennis, Texas and the NHRDA Texas Diesel Nationals. After breaking at this very track during the 2012 World Finals, Vollmer was hungry for a second chance. He got it.

Vollmer edged out Donovan Harris of Harris Diesel Racing (HDR) to take home the win and 80 points to start his season. After qualifying with a time of 9.684, he lined up against Harris and delivered big. With both racers clocking almost identical reaction times, it was the Bully Dog team's attention to detail that pushed the Bully Dog Dodge through the beams first. With a quarter mile time among his fastest yet (9.494 seconds at 152.42 mph), Vollmer was just two MPH short of the current world record!

Bully Dog racer Nick Adamson started strong as well, taking sixth out of more than twenty racers in the Super Diesel class and completing one of his elimination races less than a tenth of a second off: 11.99 seconds at 112.81 mph.

Always looking forward, the race team has plans for even more improvements to shave off time before the next race, the Jefferson State Diesel Nationals in Redding, CA on May 18th.

In 2013, Team Bully Dog will be more visible than ever. Look for our newly wrapped race trucks, our brand new and fully outfitted race trailer and newly sponsored pulling driver Chris Kendall on the road throughout the season. Find out more at our online portal at race.bullydog.com.

Our thanks to our sponsors - we couldn't race without you! Jarid would like to thank Hellmann Performance, PureFlow Air Dog, Mark Williams Enterprises, Diesel Pros, Nitrous Outlet, ARP, Fluidampr, Red Line Synthetic Oil, Mickey Thompson, Mountain High Performance, RKL, B&M Transmissions, Motorsport Diesel, BD Diesel, Fleece Performance, Dynomite Diesel Performance and Long Haul Trucking.

Nick would like to thank PureFlow Air Dog, Diesel Pros, RKL, B&M Transmissions, Long Haul Trucking, Industrial Injection, Extrude Hone, Nitrous Express, ARP, Blue Chip, Wheel Pros, Diesel Pros, Street Scene Equipment, Anzo Lights, MBRP, B&M Shifter and Red Line Oil for their support.


Ennis, Texas: The NHRDA (National Hot Rod Diesel Association) held their world finals over the weekend, and Bully Dog was there at the Texas Motorplex for the action. The sky was overcast with a few rain delays, but Bully Dog's world class drag racer "Iron Man" Jarid Vollmer went into the first day of events as the national point leader. Vollmer blew the transmission on the Prostreet truck he was driving while qualifying, but that didn't stop him from ultimately claiming the mantle of National Points Leader.

The Super Diesel piloted by up-and-coming Bully Dog racer Nick Adamson ran in two classes: Sportsman and Super Diesel. He made strides in both classes. In the Sportsman class, Adamson came within 3 hundredths of a second to the goal of 12 seconds. He thundered down the raceway and pulled a 12.039 in the qualifying run. In Super Diesel, Adamson ran a 12.139.

In the Super Diesel class, Adamson was eliminated in round one, but came back in fighting form by winning his first Sportsman race with a 12.07. He was positioned to win round two when his battery died during a rain delay. He was disqualified before he could get the truck jumped and running again.

Bully Dog's superstar Jarid Vollmer walked away from the event with Division 2 and Division 3 titles, as well as the National Points title. "Iron Man" Vollmer anticipated a World's Final win on the heels of last year's win, but wasn't able to compete at Worlds due to his transmission problem. His National Points title stood as a testimonial to his undefeatable skills.

Bully Dog's tradition of excellence and pride was on full display in Texas over the weekend, and we applaud our representatives, including Jarid Vollmer, Josh Couch, Nick Adamson, and Lyle Richmond for their outstanding efforts.

Bully Dog would like to thank our sponsors, which include Hellmann Performance, PureFlow Air Dog, Mark Williams Enterprises, Suncoast Transmissions, Fiberwerx, Diesel Pros, Nitrous Outlet, ARP, Fluidampr, Mirage, Red Line Synthetic Oil, Mickey Thompson, Mountain High Performance, Nitrous Outlet, RKL, B&M Transmissions, Motorsport Diesel, and Fleece Performance. Bully Dog Technologies looks forward to next year's NHRDA events with anticipation.

2012-08-25 - NHRDA Big Sky

Billings, Montana - The Bully Dog race crew set their sights on Billings this past weekend and drove out under the massive sky of southwestern Montana to put down big numbers and blow away the crowds at the NHRDA Big Sky Truck Fest at the Yellowstone Dragstrip.

The Bully Dog Cummins has been completely refreshed. The engine is rebuilt. The injectors are brand new. The transmission was itching for its first run down the track. Driver Jarid Vollmer elected to notch things up and threw his hat into the Pro Stock class in addition to his normal Pro Street category.

Vollmer ran low ten second and high nine second quarter miles all day long. He worked his way through the pack, winning elimination after elimination, until he found himself staging against "Idaho" Rob Coddins in the finals. Vollmer experienced a bit of deja vu, as he found himself doing this twice, in both the Pro Street finals and the Pro Stock finals.

In both classes, the outcome was the same: Vollmer ran an excruciating close second to Coddins' lightning-quick Duramax. In Pro Street, he ran a 9.90 second quarter mile to Coddins' 9.72, and in Pro Stock he ran a 9.83 second quarter to Coddins' 9.90 but a red light foul cost him the win on that round.

All in all, it was a great weekend! The team continues to dial in the Cummins racer in preparation for the World Finals in Ennis, TX on October 13th. With Vollmer leading the points chase in his class and Coddins running a close second as they head to the finals this October will prove to be a nail-biter, so stay tuned!

Thanks to the NHRDA for putting on anther great event, and a heartfelt thanks and shout out to our extraordinary sponsors: Hellman Performance, Dynamite Diesel Performance, Suncoast Transmissions, Pure Flow Air Dog, Mountain High Performance, ARP, Mark Williams Enterprises, Fiberwerx, Diesel Pros, Nitrous Outlet, Fluidampr, Red Line Synthetic Oils, Mickey Thompson, RKL, B&M Transmission and the talent pool within Bully Dog's elite race crew.

2012-08-18 - NADM Diesel Shoot Out

NADM Diesel Shoot Out
West Valley, Utah - Last weekend saw Bully Dog driver Jarid Vollmer and his crew headed down for a nice, quiet evening in northern Utah's West Valley City. And by "nice", we mean FAST. And by "quiet," ...well, we lied about the quiet. Diesel drag racing is a lot of things, but quiet? Not so much.

Vollmer had come to the NADM Rocky Mountain Diesel Shootout determined to defend his NADM record ET, but realized early on that this night would call for more finesse than usual, as he watched his transmission temps climb dangerously close to 300? during his 10.03 second qualifying round.

But "finesse" didn't mean keeping his foot out of it, as he proved in the first round against Chad Fryer, winning easily with a 9.89 second pass. He crossed the finish line at 142 MPH, but noticed that his tranny was still scorching hot. After throwing some fans on it in the pits, Vollmer cooled the beast down to more reasonable temps, and got back in the game.

His semi-final round pitted Vollmer against Trent Nell and his quick '01 Duramax, and again Vollmer prevailed, clocking a 10.03 second ET at 140 MPH. The win would take him into the finals to face H&S Performance's Payton Hugie and his 6.7L Cummins. Vollmer literally smoked his competitor, spooling up and launching his way to a 10.04 second win over Hugie's 11.38.

Thanks to the NADM for putting on such a great event, and a heartfelt thanks and shout out to our extraordinary sponsors: Hellman Performance, Dynamite Diesel Performance, Suncoast Transmissions, Pure Flow Air Dog, Mountain High Performance, ARP, Mark Williams Enterprises, Fiberwerx, Diesel Pros, Nitrous Outlet, Fluidampr, Red Line Synthetic Oils, Mickey Thompson, RKL, B&M Transmission and the talent pool within Bully Dog's elite race crew.